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OR Models Common Measures FOR Creating AND Sustaining Effective Working OF Devices OR INSTALLATIONS THERMAL sac chanel solde INSULATION IN Common 10using pegs, bolts, tenons, clamps, clips, or the casque beats studio pas cher like (EN)The audio video gear shelving consisting of two side columns of a full cross segment and 1 rear column with an empty inner area, set into the foundation comprising revolving rolls, a feeding strip and a gap via which to direct the cables, acheter casque beats covered from the over with a shelving ring, in which the shelves are fixed on 3 supports placed in the aspect columns and the rear column within one horizontal aircraft, on any peak level (to be adjusted), while in the rear column's entrance wall vertically fixed are passes (seal wires) for cables, its rear wall constituting acheter beats by dre a sliding plate that contains holes co working with the catches in the type of assembly screws with enlarged diameter of the head is distinctly characteristic in that the side columns (2) being linked via spring washers (cushions, 14) with the ring (4) with the use of a mandrel (12) whose upper part is screwed into the neck bush (6) being solidly linked with the bottom component of the ring (4), whereas the lower component of the mandrel (twelve) that contains a groove (12a) and a conical ending (12b) is located in the aspect column's (2) hole and co operates with the bolt (13) situated perpendicularly against the mandrel (12) on the groove's (12a) degree have in the front a wall (2a) situated at an angle against the aspect wall (2b) and comprise the corners (5a) of the shelves (5), while inside the rear column (3), beneath each pass (seal wire), pins (16) are situated, while the genuine wall (15) holes have assumed the form of two joined shaped reduce outs (15a and 15b).(FR)L'invention concerne un rayonnage destin un quipement audio vido consistant en deux colonnes latrales d'une segment transversale whole et en une colonne arrire dote d'un espace intrieur vide, fixes dans la foundation comprenant des rouleaux rotatifs, une bande d'alimentation ainsi qu'un trou travers lequel passent les cble et recouvertes au dessus par un anneau de rayonnage, dans lequel les rayons sont fixs horizontalement sur trois supports placs sur les colonnes latrales et arrire, n'importe quelle hauteur ( rgler), des traverses (fil sceller) destines des cbles tant fixes verticalement sur la paroi frontale de la colonne arrire, la paroi arrire chanel pas cher constituant une plaque mobile prsentant des trous cooprant avec les taquets sous la forme d'ensembles vis prsentant un diamtre largi de la tte caractris en ce que les colonnes latrales (2) relies au moyen de rondelles lastiques (amortisseur, 14) avec l'anneau (4) l'aide d'un mandrin dont la partie suprieure est visse dans une douille formant un collet (6) relie rigide la partie infrieure de l'anneau (4) et dont la partie infrieure comportant une rainure (12a) et une extrmit conique (12b) vient se loger dans le trou de la colonne latrale (2) et coopre avec le boulon (thirteen) dispos perpendiculairement au


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