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The presence of a box exactly where "Hazard 12000V" is created subsequent to a home I would like to buy. Can this box lead to well being problems? (Solution) B7. My sixteen year previous daughter has been suffering from back again discomfort for more than 1 year. We have gone through every feasible medical evaluation, but nothing seems to explain the pain. We reside at approximately fifty meters from a high voltage powerline. Could this line provoke such symtoms ? (Solution) B8. I'd like to buy a home, but near to it, there is a 70kV higher voltage powerline. At ten meters from the house, measurements we took gave us the following information, 128 V/m and .08 microTesla. Would you mind giving me your viewpoint on dangers at short and long terms of such an publicity ? (Solution) B9. Some air jordan france months ago, we moved into a home and have discovered that a high voltage line (twenty 000 V) passes through our backyard, as well as a 220/380 V line. From blueprints we have gathered, lines should be at a depth of one,five m and about 1,5 m adjacent to the house. nike talon femme These traces be a part of a transformer situated at about 25 m from our home. Are EMF higher? I am very worried for my kids in light of what I have read on the web. (Answer) B10. For 50 years, my parents have been residing beneath high voltage traces and near to a transformer (EDF, France). For a very chaussure pas cher nike lengthy time, my mom have been suffering from cardiac and neurological illnesses. I would like to know if these pathologies could be linked to electric and magnetic chaussure jordan pas cher fields? Do you know any doctors specialized in this area? (Solution) B11. I live near a transformer and I would like to know if there is a danger of unfavorable health results, in specific for kids. (Solution) B12. I live in a home with two flats. My neighbour on the 1st floor would like to set up a Television satellite dish on the roof, which is just over the flooring where we reside with our little girl (her space is below the roof). I question if these antennas are harmful for the well being of our small woman? (Solution) B13. What are the results of electromagnetic fields on the structure of the bone? Do workers uncovered to magnetic fields at frequencies near or over 50 Hz require to be especially monitored? (Solution) B14. My ninety four yr old neighbour bought a therapeutic massage chair. Could the magnetic field of this chair disrupt the smooth working of his pacemaker? (Solution) B15. For some years, I have owned a waterbed. I would like to know if it is harmful to my health? (Answer) B16. I have experienced surgical procedure to eliminate a mind tumour and I live and function in a home situated beneath a higher voltage energy line. Could there be a causal chaussures nike pas cher


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