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By ESA and other space companies. "A polar orbiting satellite, covering each poles, revolves around the Earth fourteen occasions every day," explains Veronika. "To see a satellite as frequently as possible, it is better to be located as near to the poles as feasible. At the Equator, it would only be noticeable once or two times a day." The Svalsat station gets, shops and relays satellite data to their operators but can also send commands to them, programming them to notice specific areas or phenomena. (ESA's primary reception station is in Kiruna, Sweden.) ESA's 8 tonne monster Envisat has, for occasion, educated its all climate ASAR radar instrument to follow the world's biggest shifting surface, the B15 giant iceberg, about the dimension of Luxemburg. air max 1 soldes It split off the Antarctic shelf 5 years in the past. "This iceberg has been drifting in the Antarctic for a number of many years," states Veronika Ekstrand, displaying Envisat pictures of the 'beast' on a pc screen. "It is extremely fascinating to adhere to its actions and to see the kind of harm it can do." Is the appearance of such a huge iceberg a consequence of international warming? Researchers have differing views. "This occurs so rarely that we cannot relate it to any particular canada goose doudoune pas cher climate change," states Prof. Olav Orheim, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute. His priority is to research the Arctic Ocean, with its seasonal all-natural canada goose pas cher cycles and the consequences of human motion. "We are now seeing a fast alter in the quantity of snow and sea ice in the Arctic because of alterations in the local weather. When the ground with much less snow becomes darker, it absorbs much more solar radiation, it warms and melts even much more snow," describes Prof. Orheim. "Human activity, additional to the greenhouse impact, can change the local weather from brief intervals to longer periods between ice ages. In the future we might have temperatures 6 8 levels centigrade greater than in the warmest intervals on Earth for the final twenty thirty million years." Hotter temperatures also change marine currents such as the Gulf Stream, and the Polar Areas, which have a regulatory effect on the Earth's local weather, are perturbed. All aspects of character are impacted. Animal and bird species will migrate or vanish, as Prof. Kjetil Eiane factors out. He is a expert in marine microbiology at the College of Arctic Sciences at Longyearbyen. He thinks that any decrease in action in the air max pas cher Arctic will be compensated by higher biodiversity somewhere else. doudoune canada goose pas cher "I believe the impact of a shrinking ice cover in the Arctic will primarily decrease the dimension of the habitat for many of the really Arctic species. But at the same time there will most likely be an opening of new environments to higher production throughout lengthier components of the year." Other observers highlight the benefits of global warming. New maritime routes could be opened, and access to certain


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